Certified Diamond

At Pal Diam., we set high standards on informing our customers about the diamonds they buy. A certified stone gives an accurate assessment of its cut, color, clarity and carat weight keeping in mind the International standard. When one purchases certified diamonds from certified diamond manufacturer, they can be rest assured about the quality of the stones as it is checked by the experts keeping in mind International standard. With this, our customers are given documented quality characteristics of every stone they purchase.

Our diamonds are certified from the following: Gemological Institute of America [GIA], International Gemological Institute [IGI], Hoge Raad Voor Diamant [HRD].

As we are a certified diamond manufacturer, we believe in providing diamond certification as it establishes the credibility of a diamond ensuring the buyer that the product they are about to purchase is of the correct value and has been checked by an official laboratory. A certificate marks the authenticity of a diamond determining it’s quality. We offer GIA certified diamonds along with other certification as per customer demands. We are the leading certified diamond wholesalers providing the best price for our customers.

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